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Book title_How can I help this child

How can I help this child?
by Lynn Gould

Teachers, parents, and anyone
involved in the life of a child with
learning difficulties will find this
handbook offers hope to those without
professional support, and additional support for those with it.

  • Is your child coping with the demands of school?
  • Is he failing time after time despite his best efforts?
  • Is she falling behind the rest of her classmates?
  • Is she struggling with reading?
  • Is his self esteem on shaky ground?
Parenting a child with special needs is quite a challenge.
In FREE ADVICE we have made informative articles available to help you understand and provide support for your child with learning difficulties. Help your child develop the tools he needs to succeed! Get the facts, learn strategies, and read expert advice.
Looking for activities to help your child? Want to develop some essential skills needed for effective reading and spelling?
Try the activities in REMEDIAL RESOURCES, which are often used by qualified therapists, yet simple enough to be confidently used by anyone to help a struggling child.