Are you looking for a workshop to help you understand Learning Difficulties (LD) and find out how to help your own child? Are you a teacher who has not been trained in remedial education and who needs some guidance on how to address the needs of your LD learners? This workshop is for you.

Each module addresses a different aspect of LD. They are filled with the latest information, practical advice and suggestions, and activities and worksheets, to help a child of any age who has learning difficulties. Unlimited support is offered while working through each module.

Each module will cost R100.00 payable by direct deposit.
If you are interested in purchasing any of the following modules, please email us for our bank details at:

Remedial Workshop Modules
The following modules are available for purchase (click for PDF overview):
MODULE ONE | Understanding Learning Difficulties
MODULE TWO | Living with Learning Difficulties at Home
MODULE THREE | Helping the LD Child at School
MODULE FOUR | Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
MODULE FIVE | Perceptual Development
MODULE SIX | Reading Intervention
MODULE SEVEN | Spelling and Writing Intervention
MODULE EIGHT | Mathematics Intervention
MODULE NINE | Study Skills
Comments from participants in the workshop

"I have personally grown from the information received, as well as being able to understand and treat my children better. I recommend it to any parent or teacher that struggles to understand the LD child." Lorraine

"I have found them to be very informative and full of ideas. It has given me tools to help my child, something concrete that I can use ... Most importantly, I feel these modules have given me hope – there is a positive message underlying the whole process which I find uplifting." Anna

"This is a must ... we have direction and my child is making progress at last. I'm able to work with him from home, without the huge financial outlay that burdened us over the last couple of years." June

"Thank you for helping my child. She is beginning to achieve success and now her self-esteem is improving on a daily basis." Claire Ann

"It's been hard work and a huge commitment, but we're starting to see results. Excellent activities, easy to do, and loads of ideas." John and Tanya